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Who we are & what we do

Clubdesign was founded to push the web forward. Since 2003, we’ve created some of the smoothest and best-looking digital products and services. Our clients and us believe that the web can help brands and companies tremendously, if done properly.

We’ve developed a range of websites, mobile applications, back end systems and social media presences that have transformed businesses, out of the innovative work done in both development and design. This was possible because we work directly with our clients to deliver their specific vision of success, and highlight their opportunities.

If you have an idea get in touch, tell us your ideas and we can create something that will exceed your expectations. We’d love to talk more.

Clubdesign M.P. GmbH
Lendkai 31
8010 Graz - Austria
CEO Marcus Pohorely

Recently built for Clients

AWE Collection by Andy Wolf Eyewear
bfi Steiermark
Website Relaunch
Concept & Development
Website Design & Wordpress Development
Concept & Development
White Heat
White Heat Collection by Andy Wolf Eyewear

Our very own Stuff

Social Media Management Tool
Founder, Concept & Lead Development
Wordpress Module Builder - arriving soon.
Founder, Concept & Lead Developer
Wordpress Deployments made easy - arriving soon.
Founder, Concept & Lead Developer

The small things...

Follows the famous Float Label Pattern. Built on jQuery.
Subtle Background Patterns
Add SubtlePatterns as backgrounds into your WordPress.
Development, Wordpress Plugin
Splash Page Development